Industrial Measurement Instrument

We offer the instrumentation industry's highest level of safety and quality
with guaranteed reliability and accuracy in various industries.

  • Pressure gauges and pressure sensors
  • Temperature gauges and peripheral equipment
  • Radiation temperature thermal imaging devices
  • Various flow meters
  • Various liquid level indicators
  • Various sensors

Electronics Measurement Instrument

We have system services constantly available that meet the needs of users via use of precisio
electronic measuring instruments which are all based on the latest advanced technology.

  • Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzers
  • Logic analyzer and network analyzers
  • Testers and multimeters
  • Various recorders and loggers
  • Measuring devices for voltate, current,
    resistance and electric power
  • Signal generators
  • Power sources

Devices For Analysis, Enviromental, Measurements,
Inspection and Examinationas

We supply analyzers and test machines for use in preserving the global environment
and a wide range of industries while also providing support services.

  • Pressure testers and air leak testers
  • Temperature testers, calibration equipment
    and solar cell evaluation equipment
  • Testers for rotation, load, tension, torque
    and spring
  • Gas permeability analyzers and exhaust
    gas analyzers
  • Process analyzers and laboratory analyzers
  • Environmental test equipment
  • Environmental measuing instrument
    (air, water, vibration and others)
  • Vacuum equipment

Devices for Control, FA, Monitoring and
Other Industrial Purposes

We can design and propose the most suitable software and or hardware systems
that are based on the users' vision, while also providing support services

  • Various boards for measurement
  • Control boards
  • Converters
  • Meteorlogical equipment
  • YAG laser equipment
  • Metering and control system equipment
  • Monitoring systems
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Various agitators
  • Hoists, Cranes and Conveyers
  • Refrigerators